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एनएचएस सेटिंग के अंतर्गत दाइयों का समर्थन करना 

  • माता-पिता का समर्थन करना

  • प्रसवोत्तर सहायता

  • शिशु के देखभाल

  • साक्ष्य-आधारित अभ्यास की खोज 

  • अद्यतन अनुसंधान

  • प्रत्येक बच्चे की आवश्यकताओं को पूरा करने के लिए सिद्धांत को व्यवहार में लागू करना

  • मैटरनिटी नर्स की विभिन्न भूमिकाओं की खोज


के लिए यहां क्लिक करेंआवेदन और भुगतान विकल्प

मातृत्व नर्स प्रशिक्षण 

Maternity Support Worker Roles (UK)

A Maternity Support Worker (MSW)  provides support to a maternity team, mothers and their families.

The MSW undertakes duties in a variety of maternity settings, under the supervision and direction of a midwife. MSWs support and complement the care that midwives provide to mothers and babies in hospitals and maternity clinics.


Maternity support workers can be NHS Agenda for Change banded at 2, 3 or 4. 


RCM info

  • The MSW (Band 2) can carry out a range of tasks that focus on housekeeping, administration and the personal care of mothers and babies. They will work in a range of maternity settings under the direct supervision of a midwife.

  • The MSW (Band 3) will undertake a range of delegated clinical duties. These may be in addition to the tasks undertaken in a Band 2 MSW role. They may work in a range of maternity settings, including delivering care to mothers and babies in their homes in the absence of a midwife.

  • The MSW (Band 4), in addition to the duties that a MSW (Band 3) could undertake, will have additional responsibilities that require higher communication and organisational skills. Examples include: leading on a public health initiative, e.g. smoking cessation or having responsibility for the training and development of other MSWs.

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