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Thinking about scenarios - supports effective teaching

"We can learn so much from others"


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This part of your assignment requires you to reflect on how you, as a Midwife/Educator would handle a variety of difficult situations when teaching a childbirth class. 

Scenario: 1: 

Imagine you are about to run the first class of a 6 week course. The group are very quiet and many are weary to answer up. Describe one thing you would try in the next class that would help them feel more involved and relaxed in the class. Explain your reasoning...

Scenario: 2 

A mother from your class has had her baby at 32 weeks, sadly it didn't survive. You have a class that evening with the other parents who were attending the same class. How would you deal with the situation? Explain your reasoning behind your way of handling the situation and describe any concerns that you may have or what may be the parents concerns. 

Scenario: 3

You find that some couples are talking and laughing during the course and disturbing the rest of the class. Explain how you would handle the situation and reasonings behind it. 

Scenarios: 4

You have a first time mother who has expressed her desire to have an elected caesarean section. Explain how you would handle the conversation (taking into consideration the rest of the class are listening) what would you hope to be the outcome of the discussion. 

Scenario: 5

You have a group of couples and its obvious that some men feel very uncomfortable in talking about details of the birth. Explain how you would handle the situation and your reasons for doing so. 

Scenario: 6

It is your 2nd class in a session of 6 and one person is being quite overpowering in speaking out in your class often undermining your teaching approach, how would you handle the situation? 

Scenario: 7

It is your third class and some of the couples are arriving later and later as the weeks go by disrupting the class some 20 minutes into the session. Explain how you would deal with the situation

Scenario: 8

As a maternity professional many parents look up to your every word. If you said its ok to choose a C-section they will listen, if you say no its best to try for natural birth - they listen. So as such we need to be very careful on how we explain and advice. Being balanced, passing on knowledge it important but it is imperative that they make decision for themselves. If parents asks in class asks for advice on a personal 'situation' explain how you would handle this conversation and your reasons why. 

Scenario: 9

One lady arrives to a class in floods of tears she has been told her baby has a medical problem. The rest of the class are concerned about her and start to discuss her case in detail, but time is ticking by and you need to get the class started, but don't want to appear insensitive. How would you deal with this situation. 

Scenario: 10

You are on your last day of the course and there is some unrest from the mothers, one of their friends has had a bad experience with the local maternity unity while giving birth and there is a formal complaint against the local midwifery team. How do you handle the situation and what would you say to alleviate their fears as their time to give birth is getting close.

Which scenario would you dread the most in an Antenatal Class? 

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