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Full Aspect

Doula Training Workshop 


Content includes:

Communication Skills

  • Psychology

  • pregnancy

  • Baby Care

  • Parenting Support Skills


  • Understanding of the 3 stages of Birth

  • An Assisted Birth, C-Section, Induction, Natural birthing Choices (water birth etc)

  • Birth/labour Interventions

  • Hospital and Home Birth Choices

  • Pain relief Options and their effects upon both Mum and Baby

  • Making Decisions based on well informed Choices -Being prepared!

  • Benefits of an experienced Doula

  • Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding techniques - Benefits to both mum and baby

  • The role of Hormones in pregnancy and after : Labour, birth, Depression, post and pre

  • Mum and Baby 

  • Duty of Care - Professionalism

You will receive a Comprehensive 

  • Training Manual

  • Teaching Tools Manual

  • Mum and baby Manual

  • Access to Electronic Assignments


A personal online Tutor is there to help and guide you through your studies

No formal qualifications are required - just a passion for pregnancy and birth

Limited places available see for registration form and payment

  • Supporting Families from conception to Birth

  • No annual Fees

  • No ties to The School of Antenatal Educators

  • No binding contracts


We offer FEDANT UK accredited Diploma - Full Aspect Doula

Workshop (via Zoom) or e-learning/correspondence - plus assignments

We offer equal opportunities - Training for both Men and Women

All our workshops are designed to bring out your own style. Being different is good


If you are interested feel free to contact me, I'm happy to chat or Fill our the Application Form and Payment form below.


This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has a passion for supporting parents before and after birth, offering you a chance to work closely with families, young mums and dads, and teens guiding them through their birth and the first few weeks of baby's development, supporting both parents and baby in their journey into parenthood.

Workshops are available in

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

  • French

  • English

Total cost of the course including free access for one year of the MasterClass in Childbirth App £1,250.00

No Annual Fees 


The course is Accredited by FEDANT UK ( 557707/893

Testimonials Click Here

One to One Workshops are available upon request



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