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Teaching Skills, Techniques and Tools Workshop


The School of Antenatal



Ideal workshop for Midwives and Educators who are interested in learning new skills in teaching Antenatal Education.



How to teach:

  • Communication skills

  • Interventions with props, illustrations and demos

  • Birth - props, demonstrations, games and illustrations

  • Focus on pain relief - visuals, demos, illustrations

  • Powerpoint 

  • Teaching Plan - Guide and set up

Explore teaching techniques that deliver!

Tools in teaching that support knowledge intake 

Create a Teaching Plan that is Bespoke to your Hospital

Make learning effective but fun!



Critical thinking. With strong critical thinking skills, Midwives are able to consider the best interests of their Parents, while also working within their goals and standards - developing: 

  • Communication Skills

  • Organization Skills

  • Teaching Skills and techniques

  • Imaginative thinking Skills

  • Guidance 

  • Teamwork

  • Time management - in the Classes

Some teaching skills come naturally to some, whereas others may require development with practice - we are here to provide confidence. 



email: for Group Pricing

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