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The School of Antenatal Educators 

Meet the Team

Dawn R​osevear 

Doula, Antenatal Educator, Fertility GuideEntrepreneur

I am the founder of The School of Antenatal, after having four children I found my passion for pregnancy and birth After many jobs I needed my independence but also wanting to be at home with my children, that's when I discovered the field of Antenatal Education.

I have a true zeal and passion for pregnancy and birth, in passing on knowledge of learning and understanding!

I have taught Midwives, Maternity Workers, Doctors, Mums and Dads to teach Antenatal, passing on the skills I have learned through the years! I have enjoyed every second of my journey and truly find pleasure in teaching new students from around the world, watching them grow, watching their businesses grow from strength to strength!


Training Antenatal Educators isn't work for me - its a passion

FEDANT UK: Registered Antenatal Educator Training Provider No: 557707/893

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Registered Antenatal Educator (FEDANT UK)

Fluent in 




A wonderful addition to our team! 

Offering her amazing experience and unique charm she is a valued member of our team

Registered Antenatal Educator


Grace Rajeh

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 10.47.21.png
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Lisa Ryan

Lead Tutor 

Lisa is one of our lead Tutors

Presently a Midwife at the NHS 

Registered Antenatal Educator with 


What we do

We offer unique training in the field of Antenatal Educator Practitioner Training.  A correspondence course that can be done in your own time! 

Once you register, you will be sent your unique password to access the Assignments and Training Manuals.

Matthew Pearce
Senior Processor  
Antenatal Educator
Our go to man! the brains behind the MasterClass in Childbirth App
Matthew is a qualified Antenatal Educator 
Providing technical and behind the scenes support
If you have any questions or need any technical support message Matthew: 

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