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Student Experience Research 

In this Assignment I would like you to interview 3 young people. You will have to get signed consent from their parents or guardians for this interview. 

We often assume we know what young ones are thinking, as we have leaned in the previous assignment, assuming is not a great way to understand.

Record their responses/observations. Look out for body language, communication skills, be observant to the speech used. 


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Assignment: Experiences

We gain the best information from others - Interview 3 young people about their experiences aged below 18 years

What age did you have your first period? 

Explain your observations

Did you know about periods previously? if so where/who did you hear about it from? 

Explain your observations

Who was the first person you told? 

Did you know what protection to use? who bought it for you? 

Explain your observations

What do you find the hardest part of having a period every month?  costs? inconvenience? discomfort ? anything else

If you had a problem with your period or had any questions who would you turn to ? 

Do you find having a period can be embarrassing or is it acceptable in your social environment? 

Do you think that men/boys understand what we go though each month? 

explain your observations 

Have you had sexual education classes in school? - did they discuss periods? did they discuss periods with the boys too? if so do you think the teaches handled it correctly. If not What could they have done better? 

What do you know now that you wish you had know then? 

Any questions for your Tutor?

Thanks you for submitting your assignment

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