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IVF Clinics

Offering continued support to your patients is an important part of our care!

Why not offer that 'Continuity of Care' after conception

Introducing our MasterClass in Childbirth App to your parents after IVF success would offer a little something 'extra' to your parents. 

Supporting, Providing and Protecting

The Personal Approach

For many IVF patients, their journey in becoming parents starts in the Clinic – this journey can be a range of emotions. However, when the treatment is a success many parents feel totally abandoned!


We have created an App to support parents from early pregnancy (6 weeks)  through to labour, birth and beyond.


It would make a wonderful ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ present from your clinic to your parents!


The MasterClass in Childbirth App is a digital resource that ‘bridges the gap in Continuity of Care’.


Information on their pregnancy journey that offers support on making well informed choices based on accurate knowledge – providing parents with self-advocacy skills. 


A complete Antenatal Care package wrapped up in an App.

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