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We are the leading
Antenatal  Education Providers in the UK 

We provide training for Hospitals and Individuals

Registered with The UK Government Register

of Learning Providers (UKRLP)

Reg: 10093960

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MasterClass in Childbirth App

Designed to offer in-depth guidance and support for expectant parents, our MasterClass in Childbirth App is the perfect resource for every mother and father/partner.

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from pregnancy to baby care, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions based on accurate knowledge, to be fully prepared for the journey ahead.

Our App is designed to guide you through every stage of your pregnancy, from the first trimester to postpartum care.


Our modules cover all the essentials, including  health and wellbeing, diet and nutrition, breathing and relaxation techniques, and labour positioning as well information on labour and delivery options, including comprehensive information that will empower you to make well informed decisions based on accurate knowledge.

With The MasterClass in Childbirth App you can now have access to all the knowledge at your fingertips, that will help make childbirth a smooth and memorable experience.

Childbirth Educator Teaching Skills and Techniques

Join our comprehensive Antenatal Educator Training program and become a certified educator.


The program is designed to provide you with all the necessary tools and skills to help expecting parents navigate the journey of childbirth.


Our online and correspondence courses are led by experienced professionals in the field who will guide you every step of the way.

School of Antenatal is committed to providing quality Childbirth Education Training for Doulas, Midwives and Maternity Workshops - helping to provide expert training and direction to professionals. Our program offers a variety of essential teachings and learning materials, including tools and techniques required to support expectant parents, to make informed choices about childbirth and early parenting.


We provide support to doulas, midwives and maternity workers, giving them the skills they need when supporting parents-to-be. At the School of Antenatal, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality antenatal classes.


Doula Training 

Welcome to the School of Antenatal, the premier Doula Training School that has been empowering birth professionals for years.

Our dedicated team of educators and mentors are passionate about providing expectant parents with childbirth support that is gentle, informative, and comforting.

Our blended learning environment is perfect for anyone who is looking to attain the skills and credentials required to pursue a career in the field of childbirth support.

Sign up for our training program and become part of a growing community of compassionate birth professionals today!

Fertility Support Guide

At School of Antenatal, we understand that the journey towards fertility can be a difficult and trying one. That’s why we offer comprehensive training for fertility guides, to provide support and guidance for those who need it most. Our program is designed to teach valuable skills and techniques that will help you to become an empathetic and compassionate fertility guide. We’re here to help you make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with fertility issues.


Facilitator Training: Antenatal Education

We provide comprehensive, Antenatal Educator Facilitator Training and Education to midwives in hospitals and private maternity clinics.


Through our comprehensive training program, our students receive the knowledge and resources they need to deliver quality Antenatal Education to expectant parents.


We are passionate about making a difference  and look forward to supporting you 

Become a Training Provider:
Antenatal Educator 

At the School of Antenatal, we help bring together a community of Doulas, Midwives, and Educators who are passionate about teaching and empowering women throughout their pregnancy journey.


As a Training Provider, we offer comprehensive guidance and resources to help you set up and run your own Training  Business.

We can help you develop your Training Manuals, guidance on making videos and writing your training powerpoint sessions. We have created a workshop that is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in your new venture.


We are committed to helping you make a meaningful impact in providing support for parents around the world!

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Pregnant Woman

Doula Training: Become a Training Provider

Starting a new business can be daunting, especially in a field as rewarding and complex as doula training.


At School of Antenatal, we strive to make this process as smooth as possible by giving you all of the tools, and accessories necessary to build your own business.


We offer a comprehensive training program that will equip you with the latest resources, skills and knowledge required to succeed as a Doula Training Provider.


Our resources are available both online and in-person, with experienced trainers on hand to guide you through every step of the process. Call us today and start on your journey towards a fulfilling career in doula training!

Contact us for more information

Youth - Sexual Health Educator 
Training Course

Effective communication is key to any successful course, even more so when teaching young ones. 


As a skilled educator we can guide you thought tools and techniques needed to support your teaching sexual health in schools and colleges.


Our expertise in Antenatal Education helps us to provide unique insights into teaching ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued.

Delivering knowledge to young people is a whole new skill. 

We provide that missing communication to help you provide the best Education

Communicating Through Signs


Ανατροφοδότηση μαθητών

"Είναι μια καταπληκτική εφαρμογή! Κάνει τη διδασκαλία πολύ πιο εύκολη. Όλες οι πληροφορίες βρίσκονται στην άκρη των δακτύλων σας και μπορείτε να τις εμπιστευτείτε 100%. Η Dawn είναι ένας καταπληκτικός δάσκαλος και έχει καταλήξει σε αυτήν την πολύ επαναστατική εφαρμογή για να βοηθήσει προγεννητικούς εκπαιδευτικούς όπως εγώ. Αυτό είναι πραγματικά χάρισμα του Θεού! Ευχαριστώ, Αυγή!! 😊" Nupur 2022 

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