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Holistic Fertility Practitioner Training

Correspondence Course

You can learn about all aspects of fertility and reproductive health with our affordable, trusted online courses.

We offer training in Fertility -

A full Correspondence Course providing, information on a

wide variety of subjects relating to fertility

The Course is available from anywhere in the world

Infertility is on the Rise!

Infertility rates are increasing, with millions of couples and individuals around the world, living with infertility.

Parents often feel alone, overwhelmed and even unsupported.

A Fertility Support Guide is there, from the very beginning. 

Continued Professional Development

The School of Antenatal; Fertility Support Correspondence Course has been created for Midwives, Doulas and Maternity professionals who wish to add to their Continued Professional Development. Providing comfort, support, researched information to Parents going through infertility. 

Male and Female Reproductive Health

As a Fertility Support Guide, you will learn the latest in reproductive health and both the Male and females responses in obtaining a healthy lifestyle as well as contraindications that impacts fertility. 


You can use your certification to support families as a Fertility Midwife/Doula or as a Fertility Support Guide in its own right

IVF Support

Once you have completed the course, you will have a greater understanding of the emotional experience of (in)fertility at all stages, as well as the technicalities involved with getting pregnant through IVF and other reproductive support, that prepares you to be a wonderful support

Holistic Approach

Your Fertility Support Specialist Certification

We offer a comprehensive approach, emotionally, holistic and well rounded approach to help you have the knowledge and create confidence in to facilitating support groups or support individual clients in your care 

Health & Lifestyle Approach

Effects of Stress on Fertility

Our bodies have a unique way of coping with stress – often shutting down when under immense anxiety. Anxiety and Stress can be damaging to your nervous system. Helping your clients understand the causes and affects of stress and how hormones play a huge role. 

Reproductive Health

Medical reproductive Health

We discuss internal and external reproductive health, common reasons for infertility and options available.  


Infertility can be a devastating experience and it’s important for practitioners to understand the journey


Research a clients history of infertility as well as the impact. Each support offered needs to be tailored, bespoke to the clients needs. We provide Power-Point guides to share, a step-by step guide in creating your own support plan. You may find creating your own will be more personalised. 

Open to all Students

As a Midwife, Doula, or aspiring Fertility Support Guide,  you provide emotional and physical guidance to your clients during every stage of fertility.

Learning Styles

 We are aware of the many learning styles our students have, so if you would prefer to do a zoom workshop rather than the correspondence, feel free to let me know so we can accommodate.

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