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Teaching Plan 
"All too often we teach topics in an obvious way. 
This is particularly an issue if you have been teaching 
for a long time and got stuck in a rut. 
Thinking outside the box helps us make it our own"

Make a Difference! 


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Assignment: Thinking 'Outside the Box'

We often fall into a trap of Teaching in a robotic way. 


To attract clients we need to make classes fun and interactive. 

In this assignment, you are required to think of a way you could teach in a unique way. 

think of learning outcomes, of the class dynamics. Be aware of any hidden learning difficulties or language barriers.

Be brave! think 'outside the box'

Choose one of the following topics:

The class should be set for approx 20 mins

Think of ways you could introduce the subject, make it understood. Find props and charts that would help your listener really digest the information.

Design a Teaching Plan - Thinking Outside the Box Make it Different! *

You may find it easier to submit this assignment via email: please label it clearly when submitting. During this exercise you will select a topic and come up with a radically different and innovative way to teach it, using props, power point, charts etc

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