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Pregnancy Support App

A complete Childbirth Class wrapped up in an App!

Offering Gold Standard in Education and Support

Created to inspire, guide and support!

Evidence based resources that support Parents in your Pregnancy journey:

  • Early pregnancy: Healthy Eating, Smoking, Drugs, Morning sickness

  • Information: on Prevention and Support of Perinatal Mental Health

  • Guidance: with Labour and Birth Options

  • Support: with Breast and Bottle Feeding

  • Links: to evidence based information

Antenatal Class:

  • Power Point Sessions

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • Games

  • Links - further learning

  • Demos

  • Resources

  • Affirmations

All at a touch of a button! Mirror image to a TV or on Zoom to 

share with your partner, family and friends your journey in pregnancy

Offering Gold standard in Education and Support!


Download NOW!

Complete Interactive Resources

at your fingertips, Packed full of:

EasyRead with Illustrations

Illustrations and pictures to support teaching and learning

Instantly Accessible

Easy to navigate, 3 stop click to information

Evidence Based Content

Information is linked to resources and information for further learning

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