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Parent Experience Research 


"One mans experience is a Teachers treasure"


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Assignment: Experiences

We gain the best information from others - Interview 3 parents about their birthing experiences

Where did you go through labour?

If you were planning a hospital birth, when did you go to the hospital?

If you went to the hospital what was it like?

Describe what the contractions felt like

What was the hardest part of labour and birth?

How did the pregnancy change or effect your relationship with your partner?

What did you do during your labour that helped you cope?

Did you attend an Antenatal class either private or NHS? Did you find the information useful? if no - why?

Are there things you know now, that you wished you had known earlier?

Did you feel supported during your labour?

Did you have the same midwife throughout your labour and birth?

What fears did you experience during your pregnancy?

What things did you dream about during your pregnancy?

Looking back did you feel prepared for your birth?

What aspects of the pregnancy did you enjoy the most?

If you have more than one child how did the pregnancies differ?

If you had a home birth, was this your first? if not, what childcare provisions did you make in preparation for your home birth

For the Educator: What did you learn from this exercise?

Any questions for your Tutor?

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