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Assignment: Reflections

In this exercise, write an essay, a Reflection of your own birth story (If you haven’t given birth - base the essay on a major life event that had an impact on your life)


Think about how your felt, who was around you, what were they doing, describe the events leading up to your birth as well your labour and birth experience 


Your expectations – were they met? 

Writing Essay Guide:

min 2,000 words – you may find it easier to submit via email  Make sure you put on your name, email address and 'Reflections' on the heading

  1. Beginning

  • Your experience of your Journey in pregnancy

  • Your preparations

  • Expectations of your birth

  1. Content

  • Your labour and birth experience

  • Express your feelings, your emotions

  • Your relationship with your unborn baby

  • Did your pregnancy affect your relationship with your partner or mother?

  • Describe your journey, from the first signs of labour through to birth and upto 5 hours afterwards.

  1. Conclusion

  • How and if your expectations were met

  • What would you have done different

  • What you felt was right for you

  • Were there any areas that you felt were out of your control or could have been handled better?

  • How has your experience changed your perception of birth?

  • How has your journey into parenthood changed your personality? 

  • Has this experience had an affect on your future? 

Include any information that would give a better understanding of your choices and decisions made

Young Mother Expecting

Thanks for submitting your Reflections Assignment!

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