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Words can build up and words can break down!

Witches of Glum - Communication


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We often listen and understand in very different ways. Our subconscious fills in the gaps of the spoken word. Prejudice and unconscious bias can often come into play, even when we are not aware of it.  While teaching we need to be aware of how our words and actions are understood to avoid misunderstandings.


While doing this exercise think about how you are be able to make sure the information and direction you are offering parents is fully understand? 

After Listening to the above recording answer the questions below ( please only listen to the recording once - don't cheat! ) this is a self assessment assignment - no marks will be deducted - be honest!

The City was called Bung?

The city was ruled by an old King, who could no longer walk?

The Castle was in the Centre of the City?

Grogga was a wicked witch, who lived in a cave on the other side of the lake?

Princess Christina was very beautiful

The Stranger was a knight from far away

The stranger wanted to be made King in return for killing Groga?

The king offered the stranger a great fortune

The stranger agreed to give Gwendolyn half of his gold if she helped him

Gwendolyn mixed a potion, which she poured into a green bottle

Groga had killed many men before

Grogas magic was no match for the stranger

The stranger used a potion to defeat Groga

Communication: Unconscious Bias

Please listen carefully to the reading - listen to it only once! then go on to answer the questions below - there is no marks for this assignment. This is a Self Reflection exercise

Please listen to the video

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