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Self Evaluation 
We are often our own worst critic, self evaluation is the most effective way we can learn.
Presenting our first class in-front of people we know is often much harder than when we do it in-front of
strangers - they are the ones who are going to be honest with you. 

We learn best from others perception of us when teaching.

"We can learn so much from others"


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Once you have completed your Teaching Class Assignment - Ask yourself the questions below: 

be honest! 

On a scale of 1-10 how nervous were you?

What did  you do that you felt was most effective?

What did you feel you did that was least effective?

Describe one activity that you think worked well

Describe one activity that you think did not work well

What feedback did you get from your audience? 

What age group was in the class? any learning difficulties? men? women? 

How effectively do you think the message was put over? was there any areas you felt were not understood? 

How well did the group interact with you and with each other? 

Now you have demonstrated a 'live' class how confident are you feeling about running your classes? 

If you have any questions or comments about what you found interesting about the class?

Thanks for submitting Assignment 15

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