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Explain the benefits to baby of Vitamin K

Jaundice -  Explain what is Jaundice and how this affects baby as well as the treatment. 

Umbilical cord - explain one activity that you would teach parents about the umbilical cord and its function and delayed cord clamping benefits

There are many changes that are being introduced in baby-care - its important we keep abreast of the latest updates and guidance. We always refer to evidence based guidelines. What are the latest guidelines that have been released regarding bathing baby? 

There are so many myths surrounding care of baby ie: don't over cuddle as you will create a spoilt baby, feed baby every 4 hours, when baby is sleeping we must be quiet.


Dispelling myths in our classes is a great way to get parents talking and discussing their own way of parenting. There is a 'game' on the MasterClass in Childbirth App called Truth or Myth.


What Myths have you heard that you would like to dispel in your classes. 

Thanks for submitting assignment 12

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