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Nursing Newborn

Feeding Baby

There are just two ways we can offer advice on breastfeeding and bottle feeding. however - the NHS promote breastfeeding 1st and foremost. 

For us educating young ones - we need to be balanced. If breastfeeding is just not an option, then the alternative formula feeding needs to be addressed so as they are fully prepared.


Gold standard in feeding baby. 

One of the bit of information I feel I should have been informed of when i had my first baby, was that after 8 weeks of breastfeeding our breasts become 'normal' less bloated, less sore and full. 

Impressing our parents with simple facts that would encourage is great to empower. 

Formula Feeding

There is so much miss information flying around on how to prepare, store and feed baby. Yet as mentioned earlier, breastfeeding is the first option offered in hospitals. Its when the mother returns home with her newborn that often problems occur. This is the point where they lean on social media for advice - The worst place to reach out for! 

Supporting parents in their options hopefull will empower their knowledge and lean on a more reliable informational base to gain direction. 


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Завдання: дослідження кесаревого розтину

Якби жінці зробили кесарів розтин 5 днів тому, що з наведеного буде ознакою того, що її шрам може бути інфікований?

Що може зробити мати, щоб зменшити ризик тромбозу після кесаревого розтину

Скільки триває період відновлення?

Скільки кесарів розтин може мати жінка?

Поясніть різницю між невідкладним кесарів розтином і вибраним кесарів розтином

Пов'язки на рани

Інфекція рани

Following the manufactures instructions on how to make up formula milk is really important - many parents reach out to friends for help and are given wrong advice. Think of an activity that would show parents the implications of adding or taking away formula powder to the bottle

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