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Maternity Nurse Assignment: 4 - Experiences 

"One mans experience is a Teachers treasure"


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MN - Assignment: 4 - Experiences

We gain the best information from others - Interview 3 parents about their birthing experiences

What was the first thing you did when you returned home with your new baby?

If you had the luxury of a Maternity Nurse at home, what would be the main thing you would have liked help with in the first few weeks?

Did you get enough support from your partner in the first few months of baby's birth?

Would you have benefited from having a Maternity Nurse, the first few months after having baby?

What do you believe is the duties of a Maternity Nurse?

If you took Maternity Leave, what age was baby when you returned to work? who did the baby stay with?

Would you have liked a Maternity Nurse to look after your baby during the nights?

What help would you have liked during the first 3 months?

We all have preconceived ideas of what it would be like with a newborn - was it how you expected?

If you have more than one child how did each baby's development differ from each other

Do you have any questions for your tutor?

New Born-Care - 0-6 weeks


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MN - Assignment: 5 - Newborn 0-6 weeks

What are warning signs of a distressed baby?

What are the benefits of leaving vernix on baby?

A newborn baby cannot see or hear at birth?

Explain the benefits of skin to skin for both mum and baby

It's normal for baby to lose what percentage of their body weight in the first few days? List

When should baby ideally have their first bath?

All routine newborn interventions are important for baby’s health and should not be skipped or delayed

How much do newborns sleep?

Which of these is a sure sign of constipation in babies?

Newborns learn to smile:

Fifty percent of newborns fall outside of the 25th-75th percentiles for height and weight.

What is cradle cap?

Exclusively breastfed baby poop is:

The Moro Reflex (baby’s startle reflex) can be triggered by:

For safety, newborns should never sleep with:

Can a mother breastfeed while sick?

The umbilical cord should be clamped and cut:

Assignment: 6 - Feeding B​aby


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Explain how many ways baby bottles can be sterilised

How should the baby be positioned in bed?

What is recommended to help babies with pain caused by colic?

Breastfed children are less likely to have:

Besides protecting your child against disease, what is another advantage of breastfeeding?

How does breastfeeding help the birth parent?

Which is the most important hormone your body uses to make breastmilk?

The milk made by the body in the first days after birth has a certain name. What is it?

How can you tell if your baby is getting enough milk when breastfeeding?

Which of these medicines should you no use while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is not recommended for birth parents who have:

Do you have any questions for your tutor?

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