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Midwifery Teaching Skills Course

Parenting/Antenatal Class

'Not everyone finds it easy to teach! its one thing catching babies 

its another thing trying to teach parents what to expect'

We provide training for Midwives around the UK (NHS and Universities)  in their Childbirth Class delivery


Providing Midwives with the tools, skills and resources in Parenting Classes, ensuring the parents have the skills to understand their pregnancy, labour and birth choices


Providing an evidence-based,comprehensive, and actionable plan focused on equity and improved outcomes for all women and their babies. 


We provide a workshop that is designed to be action focused, on ensuring women are well informed before pregnancy, building a system of equitable

pregnancy-related care, designing a supportive community environment


In order to achieve these outcomes, the goal of The School of Antenatal Educators recommends bridging the gap in continuity of care.

Bringing training to the Midwives in Antenatal Education, which then supports parents in their birthing experience.


We aim to bridge the gap between Antenatal Classes and the Labour Ward. In equipping all your midwives with the same teaching techniques,

same support to parents, helps provide continuity of care from the beginning of pregnancy and beyond!


We are able bespoke the course to your own hospital /university policy and already established classes.


Training can be delivered either in person or via zoom workshop


Our training has Full Certification.


We would love an opportunity to see how we can support you!

Communication Skills in Teaching 

  • Empathy

  • Effective Introduction

  • Identify the main point

  • Conversational Manner

  • Appropriate use of questions

  • Wording 

  • Practical value made clear

  • Enthusiasm 

  • Warmth and Empathy

Teaching Tools and Resources 

  • Teaching illustrations 

  • Professional

  • Appropriate use of visual aids

  • Equipment

  • Continuity of Care 

  • Observation 

  • Procedures 

  • visualisation 

  • Effective conclusions

  • In the Labour ward - parents & midwives

Teaching Skills

  • Teaching Techniques for both Zoom and in person

  • Games 

  • Demonstrations

  • Visual Learning 

  • PowerPoint sessions

  • Videos

  • use of Props

  • Charts

  • Flyers

  • App's - effective usage 

Aimed at Midwives and Qualified Educators

Providing confidence in Antenatal Education Classes

email: for further information or  fill out the contact form to register

We welcome large training groups NHS - Universities - Private Individuals - Clinics 

Full Accreditation 


Amazing course, Dawn was with me the whole way. I gained confidence in not only my teaching but also in myself! I feel I am much better equipped to deliver my Childbirth Classes now

Lisa, Midwife: Newcastle

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