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Maternity Nurse Training

Maternity nurses are responsible for providing care to women who are pregnant or recently gave birth. 

They may also provide support and guidance to new mothers as they transition into motherhood.

Maternity nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, birthing centres, midwife practices, 

obstetricians’ offices, and even private homes. Regardless of where they work, their primary responsibility 

is to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality of care possible.

Nursery Nurse Training Manual

Communication Self Assessment Assignment 

Please listen carefully to the reading - listen to it only once! then go on to answer the questions below - there is no marks for this assignment. This is a Self Reflection exercise

Please listen to the video


Words can build up and words can break down!

Witches of Glum - Communication


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How might you be able to make sure the information and direction you are offering parents is fully understand? *

After Listening to the above recording answer the questions below ( please only listen to the recording once - don't cheat! ) this is a self assessment assignment - no marks will be deducted - be honest!

The City was called Bung?

The city was ruled by an old King, who could no longer walk?

The Castle was in the Centre of the City?

Grogga was a wicked witch, who lived in a cave on the other side of the lake?

Princess Christina was very beautiful

The Stranger was a knight from far away

The stranger wanted to be made King in return for killing Groga?

The king offered the stranger a great fortune

The stranger agreed to give Gwendolyn half of his gold if she helped him

Gwendolyn mixed a potion, which she poured into a green bottle

Groga had killed many men before

Grogas magic was no match for the stranger

The stranger used a potion to defeat Groga

Maternity Nurse Duties

A maternity nurse typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Administering medications to patients as directed by a physician, including injections
  • Providing emotional support and guidance to new mothers in dealing with postpartum depression or other challenges during the transition to parenthood
  • Conducting assessments of new mothers’ physical health, including weight and height measurements
  • Monitoring newborns for signs of illness or complications
  • Providing education to parents on child development, nutrition, infant safety, and childcare techniques
  • Collecting and recording data about patients’ diets and sleeping patterns
  • Educating new parents about breastfeeding, diaper changing techniques, newborn care, and safety measures for children

    Maternity Nurse Assignment 1

    Assignment: Communication Skills, Strengths and Weaknesses


    MN - Assignment:1 - Communication

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    List your strengths and weaknesses in your own communication skills

    Describe the components of effective communication

    Describe 3 pre-requestits of communication

    Identify the benefits of honest and open communication

    Give 5 examples of non-verbal communication

    Identify 3 factors that inhibit communication

    Discuss the differences between empathy and sympathy. Identify the the advantage of using empathy instead of sympathy in dealing with parents

    Give an example of an open and closed question - give examples of each

    Do you have any questions for your tutor?

    Maternity Nurse Assignment: 2 Scenarios

    "Preparing ourselves for the unexpected"

    When we put ourselves in a scenario that might happen it prepares our minds to 'act'. Hindsight would wonderful thing, so when we are faced with challengers, its good to be cool and be prepared!


    Date Selector

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    MN - Assignment: Teaching Scenarios

    Scenario 1

    Scenario 2

    Scenario 3

    Scenario 4

    Scenario 5

    Scenario 6

    Scenario 7

    Do you have any questions for your Tutor?

    Scenario 8

    Scenario 9

    Scenario 10

    Assignment 11

    Assignment 12

    Assignment 13

    Assignment: 3 - Postnatal Depression


    Date Selector

    Email Address*

    MN - Assignment: Postnatal depression

    What are the signs of Pre-Post natal depression?

    What is not the sign of a Caesarean Section infection

    First day at home with newborn, what would be your first action?

    Explain the benefits of skin to skin for both mum and baby

    Maternity Nurse Assignment: 4 - Experiences 

    "One mans experience is a Teachers treasure"


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    MN - Assignment: 4 - Experiences

    We gain the best information from others - Interview 3 parents about their birthing experiences

    What was the first thing you did when you returned home with your new baby?

    If you had the luxury of a Maternity Nurse at home, what would be the main thing you would have liked help with in the first few weeks?

    Did you get enough support from your partner in the first few months of baby's birth?

    Would you have benefited from having a Maternity Nurse, the first few months after having baby?

    What do you believe is the duties of a Maternity Nurse?

    If you took Maternity Leave, what age was baby when you returned to work? who did the baby stay with?

    Would you have liked a Maternity Nurse to look after your baby during the nights?

    What help would you have liked during the first 3 months?

    We all have preconceived ideas of what it would be like with a newborn - was it how you expected?

    If you have more than one child how did each baby's development differ from each other

    Do you have any questions for your tutor?

    New Born-Care - 0-6 weeks


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    MN - Assignment: 5 - Newborn 0-6 weeks

    What are warning signs of a distressed baby?

    What are the benefits of leaving vernix on baby?

    A newborn baby cannot see or hear at birth?

    Explain the benefits of skin to skin for both mum and baby

    It's normal for baby to lose what percentage of their body weight in the first few days? List

    When should baby ideally have their first bath?

    All routine newborn interventions are important for baby’s health and should not be skipped or delayed

    How much do newborns sleep?

    Which of these is a sure sign of constipation in babies?

    Newborns learn to smile:

    Fifty percent of newborns fall outside of the 25th-75th percentiles for height and weight.

    What is cradle cap?

    Exclusively breastfed baby poop is:

    The Moro Reflex (baby’s startle reflex) can be triggered by:

    For safety, newborns should never sleep with:

    Can a mother breastfeed while sick?

    The umbilical cord should be clamped and cut:

    Assignment: 6 - Feeding B​aby


    Date Selector

    Email Address*

    Explain how many ways baby bottles can be sterilised

    How should the baby be positioned in bed?

    What is recommended to help babies with pain caused by colic?

    Breastfed children are less likely to have:

    Besides protecting your child against disease, what is another advantage of breastfeeding?

    How does breastfeeding help the birth parent?

    Which is the most important hormone your body uses to make breastmilk?

    The milk made by the body in the first days after birth has a certain name. What is it?

    How can you tell if your baby is getting enough milk when breastfeeding?

    Which of these medicines should you no use while breastfeeding?

    Breastfeeding is not recommended for birth parents who have:

    Do you have any questions for your tutor?

    Baby 6 weeks to 6 months

    Assignment: 7

    Baby's grow quick and as such we need to be adaptable 

    Three months is a turning point for many babies and their parents. Baby is no longer a newborn anymore and they have officially completed the first quarter of their first year of life. 

    They have reached a number of milestones, such as tracking objects with their eyes, reaching and grasping for things with their hands, and pushing up on their arms when lying on their tummy. 

    What amazing accomplishments!

    For many parents, 3 months marks a time when things get a little easier. 

    Some of the not-so-fun parts of caring for a newborn—like colic and constant feeding—have got better.


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    Development: Baby will start to recognise you, mother and father distances, and will now be able to start lifting their head and chest up from a belly-down position*

    Food: The length between feedings has stretched out and you may have a more predictable feeding routine

    Sleep: More of your baby’s sleep happens at night now, and your baby may start sleeping longer stretches at night—some babies are even sleeping through the night

    At what age can a baby be weened onto solid food? What foods would you recommend?

    What are some of the milestones you would expect to see in a baby aged between 3-6 months

    Assignment: 8 - Documenting

    When on duty a Maternity Nurse is required to keep an accurate log of their day/night with baby - The information is to be shared with parents

    A complete journal needs to be kept on what time baby fed, how much baby took (if bottle fed), bath times, nappy changes - plus contents of nappies, sleeping times (start and finish) quality of sleep, walks (times and places walked) people we spoke to and places you went. 

    The journal also needs to include any concerns ie: red eyes or snotty nose etc 

    Accidents do happen! An accident book must always be at hand - all 'accidents' must be reported and signed off by either a witness and parent at the end of the shift!

    Include exact time, where, how and who was there ( this is in place to protect you and the parents)


    Date Selector

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    Collecting and recording data about patients’ diets and sleeping patterns*

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