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Maternity Negligence Claims

Provides a Degree of Protection against Maternity Clinical Negligence

The same App being used by Midwives and Parents provides total transparency in Education

advocacy for Parents, protection for Hospitals

Over 80% of Maternity negligence claims are caused by lack of communication


Lack of explanation and communication are the key causes of maternity clinical negligence


"Two-thirds of the £13bn spent by the NHS in 2021-21 in respect of negligence claims was related to maternity care, according

to new data. A report released by NHS Resolution said it was “a stark reminder that although the NHS remains one of the safest

healthcare systems in the world within which to give birth, avoidable errors within maternity can have devastating consequences

for the child, mother and wider family, as well as the NHS staff involved.”


Digital resources are becoming a common area within the Hospitals and Maternity.

Internationally, technology is being introduced throughout the world in support of learning and advancement in 

decision and choice making environments.

The School of Antenatal provides a digital resource that ‘bridges the gap in continuity of care’


  • Midwives with easy access to teaching tools and techniques that support Parent Classes


  • Having access the same resource, gives transparency as well as sufficient knowledge to make well informed

  • choices based on accurate knowledge – providing Parents with Advocacy skills.


  • Lack of explanation and communication are the key causes of maternity clinical negligence. Many of the

  • complaints could be avoided. 

  • The MasterClass in Childbirth app provides the key element needed to support and protect against Maternity

  • negligence claims – in communication and procedures. 

  • While the App may not cover all areas of complaints , we do believe it will provide an element of control in

  • prevention.

One App – Once Goal – to provide a digital resource that provides, protects and informs.

Complete Interactive Resources

at your fingertips, Packed full of:

EasyRead with Illustrations

Illustrations and pictures to support teaching and learning

Instantly Accessible

Easy to navigate, 3 clicks to information

Evidence Based Content

Information is linked to resources and information for further learning


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