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Fertility Support for Men & Women

The School of Antenatal 

Fertility Support from the Beginning

Fertility problems can be an emotional rollercoaster for parents, we provide support on their journey 

We guide and support you, help you to understand the different self help techniques  through nutrition, well-being,  understanding causes and options available supporting your mental well-being. 

We provide reliable, evidence-based information on all aspects of reproductive health for both men and women. 

We support our parents, to optimise their health, to support them in achieving their goals for a family, preparing them for any treatment they may need

  • Covering: 

  • Communication 

  • Causes/Options Available

  • Fertility Fundamentals

  • Healthy Eating and Wellbeing

  • Nutrition

  • Holistic treatments

  • Fertility Reflexology/Alternative treatments

  • IVF Procedures

£80 per 2 hour personal zoom workshop

A chance to ask questions and get the support you need!

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