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Feedback form 

We all learn from our experiences in teaching and creating. If you would like to fill out this review form I would appreciate it!  

I like to move forward, to learn from all my students -  can you tell me a little of how you felt about this course and 

if you have any recommendations on how i can improve it 

Thank you Dawn x

Antenatal Educator 

Review Form

We  take pride in our teaching, your opinion really does matter to us

It isn't easy to take criticism or even praise, but its the way we learn! 

When you start running your own classes - every now and again ask for a review of your teaching - its the best way to learn! 


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Which Course did you complete?

Now you have completed your course, do you feel confident and fully equipped to go and teach?

Did the course take you as long as you expected?

How would you rate the content of the course?

How would you rate your Tutor Support?

Did you feel your Tutor feedback was helpful in your learning ?

What did you feel your Tutor did that was helpful in your learning experience?

What do you think your Tutor did that was unhelpful in your learning experience

We are always willing to learn - is there anything that your Tutor could have done to make your experience more informative?

Do you have any Tips for your Tutor in their teaching approach?

Finally how would you rate the course overall out of 10

Do you have anything you would like to add?

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