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A MasterClass in Childbirth App

Complete Interactive End-to-End 

Antenatal Support for their Employees

Parents Antenatal Support App

Offering Gold Standard in Education and Support

Created to inspire, guide and support!

Employers have a legal obligation to employees who are pregnant or on parental leave 

or who are working parents. Giving time off for appointments, support in mental health can be a challenge not only for the employer but also the employee. A happy workforce is one that is looked after!

That is where the MasterClass in Childbirth App comes in - a complete Antenatal support from the beginning of pregnancy though to birth and beyond, supporting both parents in their options and decision making process. Promoting well being and confidence in their future. As an employer showing you truly care about the wellbeing of your parents. 

Evidence based resources that support Parents in their Pregnancy journey:

  • Parental Leave Preparation, preparation preparation! 

  • Return to Work Support with how to transition back to work 

  • Mental Health For both partners!

  • Early pregnancy: Healthy Eating, Smoking, Drugs, Morning sickness 

  • Information: Prevention and Support of Perinatal Mental Health 

  • Guidance: Labour and Birth Options 

  • Support: Breast and Bottle Feeding 

  • Links:Evidence based information

Knowledge, Information, Illustrations

Printable handouts, Videos, PowerPoints

Flyers, Affirmations, Illustrations

Resource, Links, Games

Download the App here: 

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