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Physiology of Birth 

Physiology of Birth 

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Assignment: Physiology of Birth

What is Oxytocin responsible for?

What is Progesterone responsible for?

What is prolactin responsible for ?

Women who have a C Section will not develop stress incontinence after birth of baby?

Five signs are assessed during an Apgar Scale. Which of the following is NOT one of those signs?

One of your clients contacts you to say her baby, now 4 days old appears lethargic. How many wet nappies should the baby have as a min per 24 hour period?

On further questioning you discover the baby in the previous question has not fed at all in the past 8 hours. Which of these poses the greatest risk?

What is the MOST important thing to suggest to the mother of her 4 day old baby if it has not eaten for 8 hours?

What is the EVIDENCE BASED treatment for physiological jaundice?

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