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Pregnancy Resource App

Offering Gold Standard in Education and Support

Created to  inspire, guide and support!


For Parents: 

A digital resource that ‘bridges the gap in continuity of care’.


Support for perinatal mental health.


The MasterClass in Childbirth App - offers transparency in knowledge. Information to support making well informed choices based on accurate knowledge – providing parents with self-advocacy skills. 

The App offers support from as early as 7 weeks pregnant through to labour, birth and beyond through to the postnatal period. 


A complete Antenatal Class wrapped up in an App.


For Midwives:

Access to PowerPoints, Videos, Illustrations and Links to support education of parents  – great for sharing in

  • In-person antenatal class

  • In clinic

  • In Triage

  • In the community

  • Via Zoom

  • As a stand alone resource for parents.


Offering complete support!


Introducing a Maternity App to your parents, would greatly enhance the learning and support.

Evidence based resources that support Parents in their Pregnancy journey:

  • Early pregnancy: Healthy Eating, Smoking, Drugs, Morning sickness

  • Information: on Prevention and Support of Perinatal Mental Health

  • Guidance: on Labour and Birth Options

  • Support: with Breast and Bottle Feeding

  • Links: to evidence based information


Antenatal Class Resources:

  • Power Point Sessions

  • Full Teaching Plans/Curriculum

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • Games

  • Demos

  • PDF downloads

  • Resources

  • Printable Handouts

  • Affirmations

All at a touch of a button! Mirror image to a TV or on Zoom. Share with your parents to support learning!

If you are a Hospital or Clinic and would like to offer the App to your parents, please message to arrange a discovery call

Alternatively to request an informal quote for an App Licence fill out the Quote Form below:


Offering Gold standard in Education and Support!


Student Feedback

"It's an amazing app! Makes teaching so much easier. All information is at the tip of your fingers and can be trusted 100%. Dawn is an amazing teacher and has come up with this very revolutionary app to help antenatal educators like me. This is truly Godsend! Thank you Dawn!! 😊" Nupur 2022 

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Teaching, Caring, Enriching Lives

Best Medical Practise - Review Orcha Health

"Digital healthcare holds the power to revolutionise how we treat patients. 

But this revolution comes with risk. 

Right now, there are over 350,000 health apps out there and only 20% meet safety standards. 

 How do you get the right products, to the right people, at the right time?"

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