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Fertility Basal Body Temperature 

Supporting parents on their journey means, helping them understand how their body is functioning - by plotting temperature each day can give a bigger picture on hormones, ovulation as well as pregnancy

The Bodies Basal temperature (BBT ) is the lowest body temperature attained during rest (usually during sleep). It is usually estimated by a temperature measurement immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken

Infertility due to lack of ovulation is common. BBT charts can be used to identify when and whether ovulation is taking place

Regular menstrual cycles are often taken as evidence that a woman is ovulating normally, irregular cycles are evidence she is not ovulating

However, many women with irregular cycles do ovulate normally, and some with regular cycles are actually anovulatory or have a luteal phase defect.

Records of basal body temperature can be used to accurately determine if a woman is ovulating and if the length of the post-ovulatory (luteal) phase of her menstrual cycle is long enough to sustain a pregnancy

Tracking temperature can also determine if conception has taken place - When ovulating the Bodies Basal Temperature rises and remains high when conception takes place. A great indication of pregnancy in the very early stages

The new raised temperature will remain slightly raised throughout the pregnancy until birth

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