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Teaching Demonstration Preparation
"Before your Teaching Demonstration, preparation is needed"

When creating our own  Teaching Plans we need to first look at what knowledge we would like to impart.
What learning outcomes you would like your parents to leave with. For this we need to think about our audience. We cant always know someones learning ability just by looking at them.
You would be surprised to hear that the average reading and comprehension age in the UK is aged 7 years old. We need to keep this in mind when we prepare our classes
The best way we can impart knowledge is through games, demonstrations and illustration. 
What 'games' would you introduce during your birth classes? 

Your subject for this Assignment is '
Physiology of Birth'


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List 3 key points you would like to communication in your class - what props/games or activities would help? 

List 3 key points you would like to communicate to the men/partners in the group?

Identify any language barriers, with both men and women ie: learning difficulties, learning styles

Explain the learning outcomes you would like your group to have at the end of your class. 

Thank you for submitting Assignment 13

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