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Physiology of Birth 

Physiology of Birth


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Cervical Sweep - explain the advantages and disadvantages of a Cervical Sweep. The impact it might have on the mother and baby. 

Its important we understand the physiology of birth, not just the basics. In this assignment explain the Rhombus of Michaelis 

The Hormones that stimulate the nerves to send pain messages to the brain are called? 

The Hormones that are released in response to pain and reduce the perception of pain are called? 

Delayed cord clamping has been a great topic of discussion recently - explain below the benefits of delayed cord clamping and how a parent might be able to advocate clearly her choices. 

The BRAIN Acronym is a great way of teaching parents 'response' reflect in their choices, especially in an emergency situation. How would you teach BRAIN in your classes on the subject of Caesarean Section

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