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Communication - Assumptions Assignment 

Please listen carefully to the reading - listen to it only once! then go on to answer the questions below - there is no marks for this assignment.

This is a Self Reflection exercise


Please listen to the video


Words can build up and words can break down!

Witches of Glum - Communication


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How might you be able to make sure the information and direction you are offering parents is fully understand? *

After Listening to the above recording answer the questions below ( please only listen to the recording once - don't cheat! ) this is a self assessment assignment - no marks will be deducted - be honest!

The City was called Bung?

The city was ruled by an old King, who could no longer walk?

The Castle was in the Centre of the City?

Grogga was a wicked witch, who lived in a cave on the other side of the lake?

Princess Christina was very beautiful

The Stranger was a knight from far away

The stranger wanted to be made King in return for killing Groga?

The king offered the stranger a great fortune

The stranger agreed to give Gwendolyn half of his gold if she helped him

Gwendolyn mixed a potion, which she poured into a green bottle

Groga had killed many men before

Grogas magic was no match for the stranger

The stranger used a potion to defeat Groga

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